Welcome to Month by Month:

This blog is my own little version of organization central. We touch on just about every aspect of home, family, and holiday organization here. It is my hope that by blogging my experiences, I can grow as an individual and perhaps inspire others to try new things and think about everyday life a little differently. So please join us in organizing for life every month of the year!

The Days

Monday: Move It Out Mondays are designed to get clutter OUT of the house. We all have good intentions. We all plan to get rid of things. Well, Mondays are the days to actually DO it. The goal is to get rid of one bag of trash, clothing, toys, books, or other items. Another category might be furniture ...so if you have a piece of furniture to get rid of Move It Out Monday is the day to do it. Let's get our homes clutter free...one day at a time!

Track It Tuesdays: Tuesdays are for keeping track of all the million and one things that we have to keep track of. You can use it for bill paying, working on notebooks, organizing menus, or cleaning your desk. No matter how you use Track It Tuesday, it will leave you feeling calm and collected.

Wild Card Wednesday: For Wild Card Wednesday, I suggest getting a set of 3 x 5 cards and writing a chore on each card. Something you might put off doing or a chore that only needs to get done every few weeks. When Wednesday rolls around, get out your cards and draw one. That is the chore to accomplish on Wild Card Wednesday. If you don't make the cards then Wednesday is YOUR CHOICE....do the chore you want to do...but remember to get it done!!!

Thirty Minute Thursday:  Thirty Minute Thursday is designed for those big jobs (or small ones) that you just can't seem to tackle. Work on it for 30 minutes every Thursday to turn a big mess into beautiful and organized! What can you accomplish in 30 minutes?....try it and see BIG results!

Fifteen Minute Friday:  It's Friday...so you are getting a break. Find a mini job to do...one you can do in 15 minutes and get busy! Or add this 15 minutes to the big project you started on Thursday and make another dent in accomplishing it!  Some people like to pick ONE area and work on it every Friday. For example some people like to do their desk every Friday. So if you have a clutter hot spot...you might decide to use Fifteen Minute Friday to keep it under control.