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Sunday, February 10, 2008

February Notebook Section

Okay, here's the picture of my February divider page. It is setting up against a cabinet door for picture taking but usually its in a page protector in my notebook! Each month has a lot of the same things in it but a few unique ones depending on the month, the events or holidays for the month, or just whims I have...LOL.

February Calendar
February Monthly Magic
Valentine Planner/Master List
Mini "to do" List for Valentine's Day
February Craft Lists (supplies needed & projects for this month)
Room of the Month (office)
*Refiled Morning & Evening Routines
Weekly Lists
Magic Maintenance for February
Personal Life Goals for February
*Refiled Artistic 8s list
*Refiled Triple 8 Reading Challenge list

The items with * are the same lists, updated and moved to the new section. Since we are now in February I will next break down each of my Febraury sheets so you can see what they look like and get you notebook started for March. If you do not have a notebook I would suggest starting with March and working through the year. Creating each section as you go.

If you want to set up a Home Command Center Notebook, here are some things to get started with so you will be ready to rock-n-roll for March. Remember these are suggestions. Your notebook will be unique to your home, your personality, and your lifestyle. Also the things I have created that work for me, may not fit you. I am not saying they are the only way or even the best way....just that they are working for me...right now.

  • Get a notebook to use. I love 1 inch but I have also used 1 1/2 inch successfully.
  • Get page protectors for the divider sheets.
  • Create a pretty March divider page.
  • Print a March calendar page

That's it for now. As I write about each February page and describe it, I would suggest you then create it for March. Or you can wait and do it along with me in March, either way.

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