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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March 1st

Happy March First Month by Month readers. I was looking back over my list from earlier this week and I see that I am doing pretty well. I did get up both recipes that I wanted to share with you. We also looked at part two of setting up our notebook section.

Still need to get up the two other Weekly To Do (by days lists). They are ready...just requires a trip to the other computer to get them all ready for you! I created some Easter Notepaper too that might be fun to use so hopefully I can add that to google docs also. I am having some trouble adding images to google docs. Basic forms are no problem but some images do not show up properly. I think I will need to edit docs after downloading to add images. I will see how that works out....it is all a learning process.

So besides clearing up from the last week's list...I have two main goals for the weekend. (Besides doing my major chores here at the house)

  1. Get up the Magic Maintenance List: This list has all the chores that are done either monthly, bi monthly, or quarterly. I use this list to add some additional items to my weekly or monthly lists so that those do not get forgotten.
  2. I want to post an actual sequence of items that are found behind each section along with a brief reflection or why I have them sorted that way and possible alternative ways of doing it. We are not all alike so what works for one...may not someone else. A word of caution though...if something isn't working don't give up...keep working the plan and you will see results!

Hope to be back later today to add some new things...but first...grocery shopping and chores! Oh speaking of that I have another Simple Tips for Busy Lives in mind also...and it involves food prep and cooking...have a great Saturday morning!!!

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