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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Month By Month Ramblings

Hey I bought a NEW notebook for summer stuff...well it will be the Spring Summer one. I am working on printing some pretty dividers and typing some lists to be included.

Daily To Do sheet....this sheet is a life saver....but I need to print some more copies...I'm thinking a bout a small reward each Friday if I keep working the plan...somedays are just a whole lot harder than others. So a little reward is something to look forward to!!!

I am ashamed to say....my June Menus are not finished yet!!! I am trying to come up with a simple plan as I want to work up a monthly shopping list and go to one of the discount places ONCE a monthy to get everything except for fresh items like milk, eggs, fruit, and such! I am goint to try this for a few months and see if it saves any money....trouble is I need to clear space for my grocery storage....anyway the menus will follow a theme for June July and August...

Monday is Pasta of some kind
Tuesday is a Hamburger Dish
Wednesday is Mexican Food
Thursday is a Chicken Dish
Friday is Fend for Yourself or Eat Out
Saturday is New Recipe Day
Sunday is Barbeque!

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Carrie said...

I do a "themed" meal each night, too. Make grocery shopping so easy--get the same thing every 2 week with a few exceptions.