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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wild Card Wednesday

Okay...tomorrow is Wild Card Wednesday...which means you can pick any item, thing, place etc to work on...I'm gonna Wild Card the Family Favorites Recipe Notebook because I am still plugging away on it! I created a new cover page for it today...I like it...when I get a chance I will snap a photo to share with you here at Month by Month!

Can I tell you...I have a love hate relationship with page protectors...I think they make everything look so "put together" but I find them cumbersome in a binder and it makes dividers difficult to use...yes I know they make those extra wide dividers but honestly the bulk created by the page protectors is considerable. I am removing the page protectors as I redo the Family Favorites Notebook. The book just seems more user friendly...and honestly I need to start thinking about NOT worrying about perfection...the notebook is not a "masterpiece"...it is to be used and if a page gets stained or torn...well I can just photo copy and reinsert...!

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Carrie said...

I need to do a quick declutter of each room (5 minutes max in each room). That will help me get back on track. I also have piles of laundry to put away.