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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our January Journey Adventure

Relaxing in the hot tub was nice along with some pool time. These are pictures from our January Journey...a girls night at a local hotel with indoor pool and hottub! We all brought snacks and drinks along with our yearbooks and a movie from when we were in high school. It was GREAT fun!
Yes we DID get into the Cupid Shuffle....LOL! Remember...DANCE like no one is watching!!!

Yes we did the Cupid Shuffle SEVERAL times...hey you gotta work off all those calories from chips, dip, wine and other snacks somehow!!! and yes we do know that our PJ pants and shirts DO DONT match....but hey when its a slumber party with girls only...who cares! Friends sure don't!
I would HIGHLY suggest that you create your own version of January Journey sometime...what a great way to laugh and enjoy the company of friends!

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