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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August Section of Month by Month

It's almost August 1st.... so lets get started on the August section of our Month by Month Notebook. Listed below is a list that is filed behind each monthly section of my notebook. It tells the items that are in each month...sort of like a table of contents for the month. It is basically the same list each month except with a different header and a different little clip art at the bottom of the page. This list serves as a reminder of items included each month...however the individual items are different of course. So the event planners would be different for August than November...as would most of the other items.

August Section
  1. Calendar
  2. Card Planner for Month
  3. Daily Focus List
  4. Weekly Focus List
  5. Room of the Month Checklist
  6. Monthly Seasonal Chores Checklist
  7. Monthly Personal Life Goals
  8. Monthly Magic List
  9. Mini Event Planners
  10. Craft Planner for Month
  11. Hippity Hoppity List
  12. Celebrate Me Day List
  13. Turkey Day List
  14. Rudolph Day List
  15. Great Pumpkin Day List
  16. Year Round Christmas Prep Lits
  17. Notebook Update Reminders
  18. Monthly Journal Page
  19. Just Ginger Ideas for the Month
  20. Monthly Blog Topics

The Monthly Magic List is printed off and used as a guide to create my own handwritten and notation filled...inividual list pages (Turkey Day List etc.) Most of the list are handwritten and are revised throughout the month if needed. Some months have several mini event planners and some have one or rarely none...LOL....So if you want to create your own Master Monthly Section List or Table of Contents...that will be a good project to get started on this week.

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