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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jumpstart January (First phase)

Well week one of the first two week part of the plan has passed and I still have Christmas EVERYWHERE.....what in the world is wrong with me???....I must have an emotional attachment to Christmas "stuff" .....either that or I hate climbing up and down the basement steps with totes...

The first two weeks I called Christmas Recovery...and I think I need an ACS (Addicts of Christmas Stuff) meeting to get on track...the living room is done except for that stack of Santas sitting on the loveseat waiting to be lovingly placed in a storage box...and the tote full of snowmen needs to be banished to the basement....BUT wait...the kitchen is still overflowing with odds and ends of Christmas ...gathered on the table, on the counter, on the little desk...stacked there just waiting to be put in their proper storage tote.

I even had two snow days this past week which I managed to use up quite nicely without touching a single Christmas piece....well.....no use beating myself up over that....:) So today I'm off to do a bit of grocery shopping and then I am going to get those Santas and Snowmen where they belong...WISH me luck...it's only one small step but still....I feel like I need that Nike slogan.....JUST DO IT!!!