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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Move It Out Monday: Repurposing

Mondays here at Month by Month are all about decluttering and organizing.  I've been working on the office/craft room and I am amazed at the amount of storage stuff I have and still can't seem to be organized. I am certainly downsizing but along the way I have re-purposed some things. I used some cute pastal colored flower pots for the craft desk which I shared a couple weeks ago. The whole process of decluttering this room has got me to thinking about repurposing. I've donated some of the numerous plastic storage containers I have....and sometimes I cringe when I get rid of something I paid money for...but I can't declutter and KEEP all of this "stuff."  Anyway....back to repurposing...I've come across a lot of super ways to use things I already have and then when I get tired of them...it's so much easier to part with them.

Aren't these baby food jars repurposed into sweet little candy jars perfect for gift giving or storing tiny embellishments?  Or take a look at spraying the lids black and using them for storage!
In fact over at Nest Full of Eggs, she did a whole series of blog posts back in 2009 about repurposing jars. Check it out you will be glad you did...there are lots of cute and clever ideas.

                                                For the kitchen...love the measuring marks!

More craft storage....using little jars...they look so cute and why spend money when you can use your jelly and jam jars!!

So think about re-purposing and please share your ideas in the comments section here!  I'll be back for Wild Card Wednesday....see you then!


Luludou said...

Great ideas for repurposing - thanks!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing! I love re purposing glass jars. I think the jars with the painted tops is such a simple way to get a cohesive look!

Aggy said...

Kim that is what I was thinking. I have some clear plastic canisters I'm using in the kitchen. I had thought of painting the lids black to go with the other black accessories I'm incorporating in the area. After looking at those jars I think I may just do it. Thanks for sharing these ideas Gingerbug.