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Monday, March 12, 2012

Move It Out Monday: Home Office

Oh how I wish my office was this organized........Isn't this a lovely set up!
But alas I must work with what I have...and it's not a large airy room with a great window!

One of the biggest hot spots in my home is my office. It's a small room to begin with which always makes things a bit difficult. In this room are two desks...one contains the computer, printer and bill paying center! The other desk is the craft desk and it contains all sorts of art materials.  I try to keep the surfaces of both areas clear and organized. It is a never ending battle~!

Here are a few tips that seem to help me

1. Set up a regualr weekly time to purge, organize and just declutter your desk top. Mine is Fifteeen Minute Friday!

2. Limit your desk top to things you use frequently. Store other things out of sight in a drawer or cabinet.

3. Find a filing system that works for you. I have tried tons of systems. Mostly I have not been able to keep up with them!  Now I have file folders for January through December. I purchased these from Current and they are colorful with the month names printed all over them in different fonts. When papers come across my desk I decide if they are a keep...if so...They go into that months folder. If not, they go into the trash!  At the end of each month...I take a quick look through the folder and discard any papers that i no longer need. The rest stay in the folder and the folder is moved to the back to make room for the new month at the front.  When the year starts over I go through all the monthly folders and clean them out. If the papers need to be kept. I put them in a labeled YEAR folder...if not they are trashed.

From Current. Price (on sale now) 7.49

These are the ones I use from Current but they have a new style now.

These are 8.99

4. Invest in a nice sized trash can and use it often. I need one!!  The one i have now is too small and is often overflowing!

5. Add some "pretty touches" to your desk. A framed print, some flowers, something that has beauty and you will want to keep your desk clutter free to enjoy it!

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