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Monday, April 16, 2012

Move It Out Monday: Decluttering

I managed to accomplish a BIG declutter project....the garage...Thanks to the Termites!  It's not perfect by any means but I can actually open the garage door without cringing!  I am doing some other cleaning out there, a couple cabinets and totes but the really hard part and all of the junk is GONE!

Today I thought we would think a bit about setting up A DECLUTTERING SCHEDULE. For this I am not think of the to do list....not the areas that you still need to declutter....those are important too of course. But I am thinking about a maintenance schedule. I know that garage will start to accumulate clutter again quickly. How can I stay on top of it so it doesn't ever go back to the horrid mess it was?

Here's my thoughts for the garage.  Weekly declutter inspection on Wednesday night...trash pick up is Thursday. Monthly declutter on the last day of the month!   he weekly will simply be a walk around and pitching anything that might have found its way out there. Because of animals in our neighborhood we keep our trash cans in the garage. On my "to buy" list I have three big trash cans with wheels. I think they will manage our weekly trash just fine without a lot of overflow!  

Right now I don't need to write down my schedule because it is only the garage but eventually I am sure I will beed to add it to my home notebook!

Picture from Vintage Giraffe who gives a great explaination of her notebook!

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