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Monday, July 2, 2012

Move It Out Monday

Well, well, it's another Move It Out Monday...which finds me in the midst of chaos. We are having a party Saturday so why oh why did I try to do a major cleaning of the office?  Right now things are sitting in the hallway...which I am bound and determined to go through them rather than just throw them all in a box and give up!  Worked my way through about three stacks today....but alas tomorrow is another day.

The more I declutter then more I am convinced I have WAY too much stuff. Took a big picture and a plant stand up to my office at school today because they are items someone gave me for my "beach theme" office! I'm feeling a bit stressed because I need to deal with the office overflow, work more on the livingroom and clean the fridge as well as routine cleaning for the party...YIKES.

Deep breaths...deep breaths....I'll be back Wednesday for Wild Card Wednesday and I hope I have progress to report as well!!

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