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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dollar Finds

I'm starting this post out with an item that is not a dollar. Boo. But ever since Target changed there Dollar spot to include items that are 3.00 and 5.00 I keep finding cute things there!  Cute but not a dollar, yet still pretty frugal!

These little journals came from Target and they are super cute. They cost three bucks!  The blue one has graph paper inside and the orange one has dotted paper. I love them for bullet journaling or just any type of little lists or notes.

Here's a peek inside...some weeks I write a little note everyday and others I just jot down little thoughts or inspirations. I've never been very good at keeping a more lengthy journal but this is working pretty well.

One of my favorite things to find for a dollar! Washi....I use this in my planners and journals all of time to add a little spark of color!  These rolls I found at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has a great Washi selection but it is pretty hit and miss. I looked for weeks for the new rolls everyone was talking about and the FINALLY were at my local store.

These are two different sets both found at Target and they both really were a dollar!  Yeah! The binder clips on the top would be perfect for school....but I have to laugh at the Ignore one...I mean if you are going to ignore it why clip it?  The second set is a little min days of the week set that includes one that says every day. (Earlier I bought a full sized set) I was thinking that you could add magnets to the back and put it on the fridge to clip a menu card up each day of the week. The larger set would probably work better for that idea. They are super dainty and cute and for a dollar...they found their way into my cart!

That's it for my Dollar Finds but now I'm itching to make a trip to Dollar Tree to see what new stuff they might have haunting their aisles.