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Saturday, February 9, 2008

January Notebook Section

Calendar for January
January Monthly Magic Sheet
"Mini to do" lists for January events
January craft lists (both supplies & what to this this month)
Room of the Month checklist
Morning and Evening Routines
Weekly Lists
Magic Maintenance List for January
Personal Life Goals

* I did forget to add that I am keeping my Artistic 8's in 2008 (master list of art/crafts) and my Triple 8s Reading Challenge list in this notebook also. I just refile them each month behind the appropriate divider.

I am thinking off the top of my head and I think that's all that's behind January. I also have four sections, one for each Season but we will address that when we get to Spring and I will show you that section and how/why it is set up.

Oh, one thing I did want to add is you will notice my Monthly Menu is not in the notebook. That's because I use a desk pad type calendar with some magnets attached to the back. Then it stays posted on the fridge....so family members know what's coming. This year I bought one that was in school supplies...on clearance for a dollar!!!

One last thing, I would love for you to post comments when you can, ask questions, or let me know of topics you'd like to hear more about or less about...LOL.


- Mô ღ said...
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Mai said...


The book is o the table!!!!!!

Yeah!! I'm shure.....



Ginger said...

Actually what you are seeing is the January Divider sheet. I took it out of the page protector to photograph because I kept getting a glare. Normally it is in a page protector inside my notebook...LOL

Anguswise said...

What is Magic Maintenance? Is there some place I can go to see your pages from your notebook?

Ginger said...

M. M. is a little system I devised to help cycle through stuff in a way that doesn't let it get out of hand...I struggled with getting out from under BIG messes all the time. I will try to set something up so I can show the pages but don't really have a way to make anything printable at the moment.