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Friday, February 1, 2008

January Monthly Magic

Tracking Magic

1. Get a calendar. Not just any calendar but one that you love and will use. It can be a planner, a wall calendar or one that you print from the computer.
2. Now go through each month and write down birthdays, anniversaires, and any scheduled events.
3. Go back through the calendar and put a small seasonal sticker on every Rudolph Day, Great Pumkin Day and Turkey Day.
4. Now look JUST at January. Highlight any important dates and create a mini “to do” list for them. Try to keep them all on one sheet. So if you have four events, divide your sheet into four sections and write a “to do” list for each one.

Celebration Magic

1. Buy all cards for January AND February.
2. Sign, address, and stamp them.
3. Make a party planner list for any special events you are hosting.
4. Buy yourself a small Celebrate Me gift for the New Year.

Creative Magic

1. Crafty:

  • Pick a craft (Valentine’s or a Christmas gift)
  • Make a supply list & buy supplies
  • Set aside time each week this month to work on it

2. Self Discovery:

  • Buy an art journal to create a Celebrate Me journal for the year

3. Family:

  • Pick a family craft for the month & buy supplies
  • Buy supplies for any party favors (if needed)

Future Magic

1. February Look Ahead:

  • Plan any events that are in first seven days of February.

2. January Rudolph Day

  • Make an idea list for Rudolph Days
  • Update Christmas card list & addresses
  • Clean out notebook. Print new forms
  • Update gift closet inventory

3. January Great Pumpkin Day

  • Search for party ideas on line

4. January Turkey Day

  • Organize recipes from past year
  • Print the Thanksgiving planner (if needed)

5. Year Round Prep

  • Make a craft list for the year.

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