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Friday, February 1, 2008

JumpStart January Progress

January included three weeks of cleaning with the Jumpstart January Plan. This plan is available over at Magical Holiday Home forums, so for here, I will just give a brief overview and reflections on my progress (or lack of).

Week One: List Week and Front Porch
Progress for this week was very good. Made my lists for each room and managed to get the front porch looking nice...just in time for Mother Nature to dump 9 or 10 inches of snow on us!

Week Two: Question Week and Living Room
Progress for this week was okay but I did not get to delutter the drawers and the entertainment center like I had hoped. Those will stay on the master cleaning list for the next go around or for another week when I have time. You can see the questions for this week: HERE

Week Three: Entry/Foyer (I substituted Office)
Okay progress for this week is a big FLOP but I do have a good excuse. Hubby's knee surgery turned me in to a home health nurse. Something I'm not really that good at. It takes a lot of time! But my Individual JumpStart January Plan has an additional Home Office Week so all is not lost and it will get done in good time.

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