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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Monthly Feature Recipe Review

Today we tried the BLT soup. Now mind you it is sort of a fancy tomato soup so if you are not a big fan of tomatoes you might not like it. The recipe makes it sound a little complicated but really it was fairly simple. I changed one thing. the recipe calls for the lettuce to be mixed into the soup at the end but I simply used it like a garnish along with the crumbled bacon and bread cubes. The presentation was very nice. Served in a white bowl with the lettuce then bacon and a scattering of the bread cubes.
Everyone gave it a thumbs up and while I didn't think it would be very filling it actually was. It would go nicely with a salad as a complete meal or use it as a simple starter dish for a five course meal.
Scale 1-10....I'd give this one a 9.

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