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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monthly Notebook Section Highlight: Calendar

Okay I need to take some pictures of the pages in my notebook before I can really share them. So I will start with the calendar....that's an easy one. You don't really need to see the calendar to understand what it looks like...LOL. Here are some important points about the calendar.

  • This calendar is more for reference than much of anything else. My main calendar is on the door of the fridge. It lists all appointments, birthdays, and any other important info. But it is handy to actually have a calendar in each section for checking dates, listing cleaning plans and other "home" stuff. I can also jot down when I changed the water filter etc.
  • It is tempting to get rid of each calendar as you move to the next month...DON'T. Keep it until that month rolls around again. It's a great reference. I do move each month section to the back of the months when the new month rolls in.
  • You can use your calendar as a "mini" journal. Writing thoughts, dreams, favorite sayings...anything that will inspire you when you look at it...I put my word for 2008 SIMPLIFY......at the top of each month.

Next we are going to examine Monthly Magic. Not the list itself (I know you can read it posted right here at Month By Month or over at Magical Holiday Home) but how to make the mini to do lists, card reminders, and other items that go along with it.

Like I said earlier this week is a busy one but I'll get back to you and hope to have some photos on my different lists ready to share.


Anguswise said...

Ginger, than you so much for your info. I hate to be pushy but am very curious about your Magic maintence. That's where I really need the help. Could you show it soon for me. Thanks again.

Ginger said...

No problem. I will try to get something up with the list very soon. The thing is Maintenance icludes four things: Daily stuff, weekly stuff, monthly stuff, and the the BIG items that are on the Magic list....so when I put it up just realize it is sort of the BIG part of the puzzle and you will not have seen the three little parts yet...LOL