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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recipe Notebooks

I wanted to also share with you my approach to Recipe Notebooks. And believe me this is STILL a work in progress... I have four notebooks for recipes:

  1. Family Favorites: This houses our family's favorite recipes. They have to be tried and true...ones that we REALLY like!. Also in the front I use a recipe form...ummm...I think I got the idea from Organized Christmas or Organized Home. Anyway the form allows you to list a recipe name and the cookbook its from and the page. That way if its a recipe in one of my many cookbooks, I can still find it easily. The sections are by courses: Appetizers, Salads, etc

  2. Favorite Holiday Recipes: This houses all holiday recipes except for Christmas. These are tried and true and worth remembering. Again the form for recipes in cookbooks in stored in the front. The sections are by holidays.

  3. Christmas Recipes: This house, what else? Christmas Recipes! They are ones we love and want to make again! Nothing new in here but again the form listing recipes that can be found in the cookbooks! The sections are by courses: Appetizers, Salads, etc.

  4. Recipes to Try: This binder is the place to stick all those interesting recipes that seem worth trying. Right now it is a hodge podge but ideally it would be in course sections like Appetizers, Salads, etc. It also has a form in the front called Recipes to Try and when I browse my cookbooks I can jot down recipes, book, and page number. Then when menu planning, its easy to find a new recipe or two to try.

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