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This blog is my own little version of organization central. We touch on just about every aspect of home, family, and holiday organization here. It is my hope that by blogging my experiences, I can grow as an individual and perhaps inspire others to try new things and think about everyday life a little differently. So please join us in organizing for life every month of the year!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reflections about Month By Month

Well it's been a good day...ice and all. Tomorrow is going to be another snow day as school has already been called. I am going to continue working around my home. Tomorrow is going to be a declutter...TV marathon...and here's how it works. I will find some good TV (or movies) to watch. Then one at a time, I will pull drawers to go through and declutter....a desk drawer, junk drawer, linen drawer, etc. I can pull them, bring them into the living room by the TV and get something accomplished while enjoying myself.
After the drawers, I need to focus on some files and a couple of baskets that are in need of some attention too. I might just even work on the DVDs in the entertainment center while I'm at it. Decluttering amazes me at times. When I look at the things that have been tucked away, I often wonder why I even saved them at all...LOL...If you happen to be "at home" tomorrow...join me on my declutter...TV marathon...it's gonna be fun!
And of course, I'm sure I'll pop in here off and on to share some more ideas and hopefully hear from some of you via comments and the mini message board! Until tomorrow...remember...We are organizing for life...every month of the year!


Anguswise said...

Just wondering if you have any ideas, or any one else, what is a good program to put recipe's in so you can add clip art and make them pretty? I would like to start a favorites for my 3 girls. I have in the past started a recipe box for shower presents. I just did them in word and were very plain. I'm sure there are some programs that make adding the ingredients easy for each recipe, which is very nice but then I didn't know exactly how to save them to my computer after I typed them up.
Another question for you? On the graphics you use are they strictly for web pages or can they be downloaded and saved on my computer to use say on my recipe pages or cards etc.? Thanks for all the help you have been giving me. I check your site everytime I walk by my computer!

Ginger said...


Here's the link to graphicgarden.com terms of use. It seems that you can use and print them for your personal use. Also you might want to look at her free recipe cards....not sure if you can download them and then type the recipe on it....like a template.

The other source: glitter graphics...all of those can be downloaded and most are public domain so you should be able to use them. Most times as long as you are using for personal use and not for sale you should be okay.