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This blog is my own little version of organization central. We touch on just about every aspect of home, family, and holiday organization here. It is my hope that by blogging my experiences, I can grow as an individual and perhaps inspire others to try new things and think about everyday life a little differently. So please join us in organizing for life every month of the year!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Something to Remember

Hi All....a little Confidence Builder that GirlsinMo put up over at her blog got me to thinking about something and I wanted to touch on it for a minute. Be sure and hop over to her blog and check out the confidence builders she has been putting up. They are very thought provoking.

Anyway once again...I am rambling. Anyway her confidence builder today made me think about something I have been worried about lately...and that is comparision....first of all PLEASE know that I am putting up Month by Month to hopefully inspire you, provide you with some ideas, and well to just have fun on this journey toward organizing and keeping on top of things. I AM NOT perfect and my husband would laugh at the mere thought of me as organized! I stumble, I fall, and sometimes I fall flat on my face.

What I have done is figure out some things that help me along the way. Hopefully they will help you also!

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tricia said...

Thanks for the plug. I really like reading your blogs. I check them each day after I read mine. Keep the good ideas coming.