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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shopping in the Pantry

Okay today I am using a little technique I learned over at Cindy's Porch

I learned about Cindy's Porch from JackFrosty's Blog where she says she learned about it from CanadianJingles, another Magical Holiday Home member. Wow, the sharing just goes on and on, like a ripple when you throw a stone in the pond!

Anyway, this snow day is causing me to ramble! Cindy's Porch is a site with lots of tips for frugal living and getting out of debt. A big goal for most of us I assume. I am following her principle for a CASH CHRISTMAS 2008 and have my change jar all ready with the cute label she has to share on the site.

Anyway back to the topic of this post "shopping in the pantry". Since I need to get my March menu plans finalized AND Thursday's "to do" list room is the KITCHEN. I am straightening the pantry and as I discover ingredients that got sort of tucked away or lost or just ignored.....I am weaving them into my menu plans for March. Honestly I need to do this more often but busy weeks do not always allow for this! So I'm not gonna fret about all the "should dos"....I'm doing it today and its like a treasure hunt.

I'll try to get my March Menu Calendar up later today when the treasure hunt is finished!!

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