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Friday, February 15, 2008

Simple Tips for Busy Lives

Some people wonder how I keep on keeping on with all that I do. So I thought "Simple Tips for Busy Lives" might be helpful. I will share with you some little things I do to SIMPLIFY my life and make more time for the things I love to do. First of all.....do not get the impression that I am perfect....far from it!!! I struggle every day with keeping on top of things just like each of you. It was even more difficult when my children were small. Last night, I skipped the Quick Kitchen Clean....the kitchen is a wreck....but I can't just give up....gotta get going again. One thing that motivates me is the realization that I have come to that when I DON'T do things, when I let stuff pile up. I spend at least twice as much time, and it creates three times as much stress to deal with it all.....little baby steps....that's why I put in the 15 minute declutter each day. And yes some days I skip it....don't feel well or oversleep, but if I set the goal for every day, I can pretty much be assured of getting it done 4 days weekly.
So I will start putting up some "Simple Tips for Busy Lives" and hope that some of them will help you find more time also. Use what you can and ignore the rest. !!!

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