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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Simple Tip for Busy Lives: Towels

As I'm working my way through some laundry today. I wanted to take just a second to share a time saving tip I use. I have started switching all of my towels to WHITE....and here's why.

  • Easier to launder...I like to use bleach and so no need to sort out the white from the colored towels.

  • Faster to put away and/or get out....no sorting towels by bathroom color.

  • Delegating just got easier since hubby will do a load of towels as long as he knows he isn't gonna "mess it up"

  • Kitchen towels and dish clothes also. Sanitary and no stains or faded towels!

Just last week I purchased a pack of Kitchen towels at Walmart for about 5 dollars. They are solid white but with a weave to them rather than the fluffly like kitchen towels...just don't like the fluffier ones. They are perfect for my all white goal. I needed some new ones and am now sorting out and throwing away five older kitchen towels. New in....same number of old OUT. They had some dish clothes also, so they are on my list for the next purchase.

My budget doesn't just allow me to get rid of good items so I have been working toward all white for a bit now. Bath towels are taking a little longer. I estimate that I save 10-15 minutes with laundry and putting away just because they are all white. Might not sound like a lot but add it up for the month and it's easily over an hour saved a month! They do not have to be the same type of towel etc...white looks good with white...no matter the style...LOL.

On another note: you like pretty in the bathroom...? I learned this little tip from a poster at OrganizedChristmas...sorry can't remember who but if it was YOU...let me know and I'll add your name in here! Since I am using all white...it is super easy to make the bathroom holiday or seasonal...with RIBBON!!! Yes...buy some pretty ribbon at the dollar store...right now I know DEALS has a ton of Easter ribbon out. I like the wide kind. Then tie the ribbon around the towels on display in your bathroom for a seasonal touch and a bit of color. I keep a little plastic show box in the linen closet for storing the ribbon. I have Easter, Halloween, Fall, Americana...all kinds and then I just wrap and tie a bow...pretty, seasonal, simple, and I can have white practical towels and CUTE at the same time!!!

Well, back later with more for you here at Month by Month. If you'd like, leave a comment or post on the mini message board. I would love to hear from you !

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SmilingSandra said...

Having all white towels is so smart! I'm afraid it wouldn't go over well with Hubby. He's a little too grubby for that. My towels are blue, green and pink and everything co-ordinates so I don't have to worry so much about putting the 'right' ones out together.

He's a similar tip. Hubby only buys black socks. That way he doesn't have to worry about matching them when putting them away or dressing.