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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Master To Do List

A year or so ago at OrganizedChristmas, one of the members: basket and I were taking about lists. She had made some in excel for each holiday. I decided to follow her example and create a Master To Do list for each holiday. Here's the one for Valentine's Day

  • Update Calendar

  • Check Celebrations Notebook for ideas

  • Add any tips that are jotted down else where

  • Plan Card Design

  • Buy Card Supplies

  • Make Cards

  • Address & Mail Cards

  • Buy Any New Decor

  • Decorate Home

  • Plan Menu/Special Dinner

  • Buy Ingredients for Meal

  • Shop After Valentine's Clearance

  • Inventory Valentine Purchases in Notebook

  • Develop any Pictures

  • Update Scrapbook

  • Pack Away Decor

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