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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekly "To Do" List by Days (Wed. & Thurs.)

I have added Wednesday and Thursday as a document at googledocuments. This time it is "published" rather than the way I put the first one up. Check it out and see if there is any difference between the way the first one is "shared" and the way this one is "published". Not sure the pros and cons of each method so if you see a significant difference let me know.

Okay some people thought the "shared" document was easier to read than the "published" one so I have unpublished it and here is a link to the shared one...same thing...just shared the other way.


Again I realize the lists are pretty basic but some readers wanted to see them so that is why I am sharing them with you in document form. It will give you a good basic idea and then you can fine tune it for your own home.

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