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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Working on Your Home Notebook Part 2

Have you finished your home notebook assignments? If so you have a cover sheet, a divider page, and a calendar all ready. Here's whats next: your March Monthly Magic. I file these two sheets back to back in a page protector behind the section Divider/Calendar page protector. I use them to add other items to my Weekly "To Do" lists (by day). Here's a pic of mine from January:

So your next home work assignments:

  • Print out the March Monthly Magic idea sheet
  • Start making a draft copy of your Weekly "To Do" lists by day. Consider the rooms in your house as well as your evening schedule.For cleaning a room I list everything I would do in that room for a good cleaning IDEALLY. I may not get to every one every week but they are there as reminders! The goal is to have every room in your house on your list somewhere!
  • Pick a March Room of the Month and start thinking about a "To DO" list for it...make a draft copy.
  • If you are doing a weekly cleaning plan like Jumpstart January: figure out the rooms for each week in March and draft copies of 'to do' lists for each one.

That's it for this round....print and file the Monthly Magic, make draft copies of a weekly plan, your room of the month and any March weeks in the weekly plan! Simple...you can do it!

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