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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Word About Calendars

We all know the RULE....one calendar...but I'm a rule breaker!

1. MAIN Calendar: I suppose this would be the calendar that the rules applies to. It has a magnetic strip on the back and hangs on the fridge. This calendar contains everyone's appointments, work schedules, and day to day information.

2. Work Calendar: This is my day planner and it contains work related appointments. I also try to jot down family appointments and mark off days when I am not available for evening appointments. I try to cross reference with the MAIN calendar every week. If you do not have work appointments you may still want to carry a calendar with you. The important point is to cross reference it with the MAIN calendar.

3. Home Notebook Calendar: These are mostly for reference but I do jot some things on them. I put the calendar inside the page protector back to back with the divider sheet, but it's easy to pull out and write on it. I like to have a calendar for reference because when I do the Weekly "To Dos" by day I write the date at the top of each column. I also like to jot down Rudolph Day, Great Pumpkin Day and Turkey Day, as well as, birthdays on the calendar. I pencil in my Celebrate Me Day which is the 15th (my birth date). Just because seeing them daily is helpful. Somewhere on the calendar, usually in one of the blank squares...I doodle in the Room of the Month...as a constant reminder. If I am working a weekly cleaning plan I pencil in the room for the week in the Sunday square. So basically I fill in things like that for the month and then use it as a reference.

So that's it THREE calendars....GASP....I am such a rule breaker. Oh I have calendars in my holiday notebooks etc. but they are not used on a daily basis and are there mostly for reference.


tricia said...

Thanks for all the tips. I love it. I like my calandars in larger planner context(easier on my eyes).

MrsSoup said...

Ginger, you rebel! More than one calendar? As if. Ha, I have 2 on the walls, a planner, one in my notebook, one in my purse....and I think that's it. LOL I love calendars. I would have one in every room if I could.