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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home Journal Exercise #1 Room Personalities

Start by thinking about each of the rooms in your home. Devote a page or two to each room (over time not all at once). Write about the way the room is used (or you would like it to be used). Think of it as the "personality" of that room. Is it quiet, calm, and serene? Is it lively, talkative, and full of action? As you envision it, think about how you would like the room to be. PLEASE do not spend time dwelling on what you can not have...I know I wish all my rooms were larger and had more storage space but it is not going to happen. The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to "love the room" as it is (size and shape wise) while making it the best room possible with things that can be changed! Jot down your thoughts at the moment. No need to worry that you might change your mind. That is to be expected.

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