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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Invitations to Other Projects

I just wanted to extend some invitations to a couple things.

  • First over at Ginger's Journey we are having an Easter Egg Hunt over the next few days. If you have a blog join in and if you don't have a blog you can at least enjoy the wonderful eggs everyone is finding!!! Speaking of blogs...if you have one..let me know and I can link to it from Ginger's Journey so others can enjoy your blog!! If you don't have a blog...you should..they are so much fun...LOL. In fact they are a great way to do a home journal and no paper & pencil needed!!!!
  • Garden Art Journal Class: This is a FREE class I am hosting over at Magical Creative Spirit If you like to garden (flowers or vegetable) if you like flowers, or if you just want to learn some new art techniques to play around with.....then join in for a class of fun. The supply list and a tips and ideas article are up. Also this project fits in well with a self awareness or celebrate me theme...you will just need to tweak the weekly prompts a tiny bit!

Well those are two things I invite you to check out...I'm on spring break for a few days...so I might actually get to blog a bit!! LOL But I am hosting Easter at my house so definately have home stuff to do too.....But honestly blogging is more fun!!!!

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