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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking Ahead to This Week

Wonderful Easter today even with the off and on snow throughout the day. Hard to dream of spring with winter's last grasp holding on tight!

I need to go back and review the list from last week....I sort of lost track of what I was planning here at Month by Month...but I know I got at least some of it accomplished! The poll is showing me three popular topics: Printables, Home Notebook, and the Seasonal Notebook...so we will continue in that direction with some other random stuff thrown in here or there...sorry thats just the way I write...whatever strikes my fancy on that particular day. The Seasonal Notebooks I definately want to talk about...but right now mine is set up as one Seasonal Notebook with the four sections...I think it's working okay but I don't really have time to jump in with the spring section so let's plan on starting with summer. Whether you want one notebook or four smaller ones will be up to you!

Some things I'd like to get up this week:
  • Another good recipe...shhhh it's a secret...lol...really I haven't decided on one yet!
  • Get our April Monthly Magic ready for printing
  • Reflect on my March Personal Life Goals
  • Write April Personal Life Goals
  • Review the home notebook...talk about some roadblocks to avoid.
  • AND as I said probably some other random stuff that pops into my head!

My house is still looking spiffy from Easter....plan to work hard this week to keep it that way cause next Saturday we are hosting a Game Night at our house...more about that later!

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