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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Roadblocks to Using Your Notebook

Here are some common roadblocks to avoid or work around:
  • Location: Your notebook will only be used if it is in a visible and easy to use location. This may be the kitchen or the office. But make sure it is a spot where you will SEE the notebook...every day and multiple times a day. Out of sight is out of mind!
  • Declutter frequently: EVERY month make sure you declutter your notebook. Ideally weekly you should review and discard any Weekly To Do lists and monthly you should review your calendar for the month and set up the new month!
  • Do not use as a catch all!!! Make sure you do not stick in random papers, lists, and other items that do not have homes. Use your notebook as it was intened to keep track of your to do lists, monthly plans and goals!
  • Make it pretty not perfect. Don't spend all of your time revamping your notebook. Use it to get things done!
  • Evaluate the parts: Do a reflection or check up every two months. What is working? What is not getting used? etc? BUT do not give up easily...habits are hard to form and follow so just because it is not working doesn't necessarily mean it should be discarded...otherwise you will be hopping from one plan to another and never really moving forward!
  • Be realistic: A notebook isn't magic...its not going to clean your house for you...it just serves as a framework. Set realistic expectations and make manageable lists!

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