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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Magic Maintenance List

I have "published" the Magic Maintenace list for you to view. I really need to go over it again because I am not sure that I have everything on the list that I need. I am transferring my master list from a room based list to just a master list and I hope I got everything. If not I'll revise it as needed.

To create your own Magic Maintenance list. Take some paper and a pen...walk around your house and think about chores that need to be done to keep your house the way you want it to be. Think about the goal you are working toward not what you are doing now. Put small and large jobs (actually any job that you would ideally do monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even just once a year. Some items I find easier to list for the whole house. For example to me...it is easier to say: Wash all light fixtures....rather than... wash light fixtures in kitchen, wash light fixtures in living room etc. You will need to decide which you like better.

After you do this...file it in your Home Notebook...I move it each month so it stays at the back of the current month's section. When you work your Weekly To Dos list by days...add one or two of the items from Magic Maintenance to your list. You may not get them all done...but little by little you will make progress and you will be doing more than you are now!! Also when I rotate through the year doing my Room of the Month...that is when I try to include the Magic Maintenance chores for that room!

Here's my list...of course yours will be different based on your home and your preferences. Also I have not noted whether they are monthly, bi-monthly etc...that is also something you will need to consider. When I share my seasonal sections of the notebook I will give you more details as to how I spread them out over the course of the year! And there are also some additional seasonal chores that are not on this list!

Ginger's Magic Maintenance List


jampss said...

Well, what a list! I have copied and pasted it and then I will fine tune it to my home and I just love your idea! Thanks!

Pippi said...

...love,love,love your ideas! I feel so overwhelmed walking through each room and doing as you've suggested, but know I can do it. I want to keep motivated so that we can have a less cluttered home & more organized home. I seem to keep everything. Gotta change that mindset. Do you have any tips in that arena as to getting rid of "stuff"...how to prioritize, etc. I feel like I'm drowning.....