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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking Ahead to Our Week

Easter is almost here...and this year I am hosting the Easter dinner at our house. Need to get a final menu pulled together this week and decide on the table set up.

This week, as always, is choked full of "stuff". I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and have been trying to reflect on "why". Mainly because I always try to mark too many things off my lists and then get frustrated if it doesn't happen. So this week I am taking a DEEP BREATH
and just "doing" what I can. And goodness let's not forget to give ourselves credit for the things we do accomplish.

So for here at Month by Month...the week will look like this....
  • Get those two Weekly To Dos up....man I am having a mental block about getting those up...and for no good reason...LOL
  • Share a Key Lime Pie recipe with you that will be just in time for St. Patrick's Day
  • Move ahead with our next assignments for the March section of the Home Notebook...so if you are lagging behind...get caught up...after all March is here...
  • Give you an ordered list of how I set up monthly sections.
  • Get my March Personal Life Goals up....
  • And any number of other things that may pop into my head at any given moment and just HAVE to be shared with you here at Month by Month...lol

Hope everyone has a fabulous week and it makes me feel uplifted already....having fun here at Month by Month!! Take time to say "hi" to someone you haven't talked to in a while!!

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