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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Simple Tips for Busy Lives: Trash Bags

Here's a handy little trash bag tip that saves me time and energy. It also makes it a lot easier to manage the trash in the bathroom trash cans.

When you are putting a new trash bag in....add four of them...one inside the other. Then when it's time to throw a full one away....you can just grab it and go....the new one is already in place. I like to recycle the Wal-mart plastic bags as my small trash can liners but it can work the same way with purchased bags.

Then once a month I refill the cans with fresh bags and we're good to go for another month. This is particularly helpful as then any family member can grab the full one and dispose of it without any need to replace it....makes it more likely they will jump in and help with this small chore!

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mrs.sprat said...

LOVE this idea! TFS!