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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dividing Your Magic Maintenance List

Okay as promised I am going to give you some options about how to manage that LONG Magic Maintenance list that you have created...ummm.....you have it created....right? If not wave your magic wand and get it finished...just start with a rough hand written draft because as you go along you are sure to change it a bit.
  • Add 1-2 items from the list each week to your weekly to dos
  • Add 1-2 items from the list to your Room of the Month plan.
  • Pick one week to be your Magic Maintenance Week each month...do only basic cleaning and Magic Maintenance items
  • Add you Magic Maintenance items to your Seasonal chores list...so divide the list into four parts and put one part in each season.
  • Make Saturday or Monday or whatever...your Magic Maintenance Day...double up another day to accommadate those chores and then focus on Magic Maintenance on its special day each week!

Well that's it...I am sure there are other possibilites too and I would love to hear about how you divide your list. The whole idea behind all of the list I am telling you about here at Month by Month...is to divide and conquer...nobody can do it ALL every day...so by listing every thing and then dividing it into manageable chunks...it's less overwhelming!

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