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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why It's Worth Organizing My Life

It's worth organizing my life so that on the first warm spring day...I can take off, visit the park and spend some carefree time with Evan. It's worth it because time goes so fast and moments like the one in the photo above will not last forever. It's worth it because it makes it easier for me to spend more time laughing and less time worrying. It's worth it because it gives me more time to create memories, not just with Evan but other family and friends. It's worth the time spent to get time for laughter and love, for treasures of a spring or fall day together, for walks in the summer and building snowmen in the winter, time for writing and reading and taking little trips, time to discover just how awesome being alive is...That's why it's worth organizing my life....not because I like to clean....LOL

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