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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Round Robin Weekend

Sometimes when I have too many TO DOs all lined up and they are overwhelming I have a Round Robin Weekend. This is how it works I look at all the things I have to do and group them accordingly. For example this weekend...I have tons of paperwork, cleaning, laundry, and some creative things I REALLY want to do. How to divide and conquer it? I have created four lists, nothing elaborate just on four sheets of list pad paper. I wrote everything down I hope to accomplish under the category it fits under:


Now I am setting my timer for 45 minute to an hour. For that amount of time I work on one of the to dos on one of the lists...when the timer rings...I move on to another item in another category. And I keep doing that way throughout the day. It breaks the day up, creates less fatigue and just makes for a more interesting day. If I am working on an item on the cleaning list and I finish before the timer rings I move on to the NEXT item on the CLEANING list...can't switch categories until the timer!!!
By having the CREATIVE category I get to have a little break and a little fun without having to finish ALL of the work before doing so...it's my little reward for keeping moving!!! Well no more time to blog....off I go on my round Robin Weekend....I'll update later!!!

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Carrie said...

Oh, such a wonderful idea. That would work for me on busy Sunday afternoons-- homeschool planning, craft projects, laundry and cleaning. That way I would get a few things done rather than nothing-- due to being so completely overwhelmed.