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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Identify Hot Spots

Well as you know I have been working on decluttering. And I may have mentioned that this seems like a never ending journey. Every time I get an area decluttered it just seems to pile back up. So I decided to take a good hard look at the "hot spots" in my home. The places that just seems to be magnets for "stuff".
  • The kitchen table...the immediate catch all for the back part of our house. Magazines, keys, papers, just about everything ends up here.
  • The dry sink by the front door...ditto the kitchen table...and add mail!!! It is an ongoing struggle. Part of the problem is that people like to place stuff there that they don;t want to forget when they walk out the door.
  • My dresser in the master bedroom....catch all and most of the problem is clothes end up here when I don't have time or room to put them away.
  • Microwave Cabinet...stray food items (loaf of bread, poptart box etc) seem to end up here...along with the random jar of cookies etc...
  • Desk in office: yikes...paper, bills, things that need filing, and stray stuff....I thought I had this under control with my "in box" system...but I keep putting off filing stuff!!!!

So now that I have identified the problem areas (or at least some of them).....I will put some thought into solutions to try...I'll post ideas later and then update on how they are working!!

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