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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working the Plan Month by Month

Okay everyone I know I have been a bit lax posting but May is a difficult month for school people. I am planning a graduation party and I think I may need a trip to the doctor for strep throat. I'm calling later today if it is not better. I feel like I can sleep for three days and my throat really hurts!!!! Anyway you didn't come hear to read about my ailments. The only reason I mention it is because I do have some plans for Month by Month...I am just a bit slow getting them up!!!

This weekend...Memorial Day !!!! Extra time...cool. I will be working on my Spring/Summer Notebook. I plan on getting up a sample summer chores list and a couple other items. I also have another Summer Sensations idea to share as well as a few barbeque recipes. I love summer dishes...so fresh and yummy!!!

I have been busy with another project and that is developing a framework and timeline for some themed online chats over at the Merry forums....these forums are the "father site" of the Merry Network which hosts my very own Magical forums (the forums of Magical Holiday Home). Many of you are members of the Magical Forums (formerly Holiday Magic) but if you are not...you are invited to hop over and join us. At the Magical forums we are gearing up for a month long Christmas in July celebration so it's bound to be a lot of fun and full of ideas. The themed chats are hosted at the Merry forums and if that is something you are interested in you will need to join there and have 25 posts to enter the chat room. I am planning to start hosting the chats in June. There is another chat hostess also who will offer them at times more favorable to the UK crowd.

The Christmas Cupboard

There's buttons and bows and mistletoe
Ornaments sparkling red and gold
Gifts tucked inside
There's plenty to hide
There's recipes, books, and a whole lot more
The Christmas Cupboard...just open the door.

The Christmas Cupboard is the name of the room set up to host the themed chats. If you have never chatted in "real time"...it is a fun experience. There are also other rooms available...all with a Christmas theme but we often have general chat in the Christmas Chatter room. Maybe I'll see some of you around...but for now...I'm late for work...yikes!!!

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