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Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Notebook Dividers

I am listing some ideas for dividers or sections of your summer notebook. You may use some/all/or none of them. Your notebook is as individual as you are so plan accordingly.
  • Calendar Section: Almost every notebook I own has a calendar section.
  • Home Section: This section houses seasonal chores list, summer projects, and other things related to the care and upkeep of our home during the summer months
  • Outdoor Spaces: This section is the same as the Home section but focuses on the outdoors, garden beds etc.
  • Entertaining: This is planning central for our annual summer bash, as well as, any patio parties or other events that we host....or attend for that matter.
  • Summer Decor: This is the place for decor ideas, reminders of what worked and what didn't, dream lists etc.
  • Summer Days: This section house "special days" during summer like National Ice Cream Cone Day etc. This is also the section where I put information about possible day trips or local events.
  • Summer Sensations: This section is the list of summer sensations ideas, any notes about activity boxes etc.
  • Summer Storage: Here I put my clothing storage information, Decor storage info and notes, as well as the list of summer linen, party supplies inventory etc.

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