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Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Morning Frolics

Well the end of another work week but the work week never ends at home. There are always little things to get done and of course the BIG projects. Today is laundry day here as it has accumulated for lack of tending...see my major pitfall....so I'll be checking in off and on today to keep myself motivated! Friday's morning post however is not about all of the things we need to do but rather about achieving that balance in life and finding some just for fun things to do in life also.

  • If you do not have a Celebrate Me art journal or writing journal...get one. I have not worked on mine for a while but the art journal is a great place to just explore your ideas, thoughts, and play around. It is not about creating beautiful pages but rather about creating meaningful pages. Pages that mean something to YOU but no one else. Amongst all the laundry today I am going to be working on another page.

Here's one of the pages from my art journal in which I make promises for 2008 on ways I will Celebrate Me!!

  • Caring for the inner child: Make sure that you take time out on the busy journey of life and organizing to do something for your inner child...yes a rather old concept but one I think has some merit. Just because we are all grown up with "important" things to do...doesn't mean taking a little time out to blow bubbles or color isn't FUN!!! All work and no play....means you will not have the spirit to do ANYTHING!!
  • Mischief: I think mischief gets a rather bad rap now days and I actually recommend getting into a bit of mischief every now and then...so today...right now on THIS Friday...get into a bit of mischief...something...anything...just a small bit of fun and mischief....PLEASE no breaking the law...LOL.

Okay laundry is calling me and I have to sort it before I can actually start so off I go...but sometime today I plan on participating in some Friday Frolics....I hope you do too!!

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