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Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Morning Mentions

Just a few things to mention this morning:

Update on Grocery Budget Challenge:

I went to the discount store and stocked up...$101.00...now of course this is not a month's supply for a couple reasons. First of all I had not budgeted for it so I just couldn't go spending $200.00 10 days before pay day...LOL Second we will be leaving on vacation the week of June 22nd...therefore that's a week where we will not be using groceries at home. Last I need to play around with my monthly list and figure out just how much a month's worth really is...that is going to take a few months to do. BUT all in all it seemed like we got a lot of groceries for the price.

The July menu is up and of course there may be a little change here or there. No way to avoid that because things "come up" and changes are necessary. But in generally having the monthly menu ready early is an essential part of the PLAN because it helps me estimate exactly how much I need of a certain product...like spaghetti sauce etc. Sometimes menu planning can be a real challenge because it needs to be a "dance" between family favorites and new recipes. Not always easy!!

Summer Notebook: I have added a new element to my Summer Notebook thanks to a mention by a member at Magical Holiday Home. I am adding a section called Christmas in July. I will include the Master Schedule for the Christmas in July events over at MHH and any other possible things needed for the month long...Christmas in Jluy.

Daily To Do's: Well along with getting off track posting here at Month by Month...my Daily To Dos have been being neglected. Ummmm....see how they go hand in hand...get off track and I am just completly derailed. This week will be a challenge to get back on track as I need to go to Summer Welcome at the University with Kelsey so Tuesday is nonexistent here at home and at least half of Wednesday! Anyway no mind.....I'm DOING it...we had a great chat the other night in the Organizing for Christmas chat about how to move past PLANNING and into DOING...It is also time for a MAJOR house declutter....and its a big job....more about that later!

So that's it for this morning...I'll check back later in the afternoon with a few more tidbits but for right now...I have lists calling my name!!


Cathy Miller said...

I'm with you on this one, Ginger. I am almost sick everytime I leave the grocery store, having spent a minimum of $150 weekly. I have to do better! I'll be watching closely to see how your fabulous ideas play out, and letting you know over at the Hamlet how things are going for me!! Thanks!

Carrie said...

The only way I have figured out how to cut costs is to make food from scratch and buy the "off brands". We buy very little convenience foods so it means a bit more work for me-- baking bread, making my own pancake mix, no more cakes from a box... We also eat very simple but filling meals -- entree, side dish and vege and a fruit. Hubby doesn't eat out very much for lunch-- I make him a sandwich.

We splurge on holidays (a few more convenience foods) and even then our meals are very simple. In the summer/fall we eat our of our garden.