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Friday, June 13, 2008

Month by Month Update

Well, lately I have been feeling a bit stressed and out of control and WHY? I asked myself...BECAUSE I had been neglecting my Word for 2008 which is SIMPLIFY...Suddenly blogging which I love had become a chore, I had no new ideas, nothing to offer, a real writer's block! The end of school, graduation and other family stuff gave me an excuse not to look closely at the issue...blog addiction...LOL....that's what I'll call it but in reality I was having a lot of fun checking out different formats, themes, and topics to blog....a lot of fun...until...I realized it was taking a lot of time and effort to figure out which blog to write what on, remembering where I had said what and was I repeating myself? and thinking of something to say EVERYWHERE...and then feeling guilty when I couldn't come up with anything NEW.

Hence the decision to delete and consolidate blogs...still working on moving the articles off the Creative Spirit and then it is poof...gone also. Hooray...because that will allow me to focus on the two blogs I LOVE...Ginger's Journey and Month by Month.....I still enjoy the Special Day blogs too...but really a couple posts a month are enough to keep those updated!! One that outlines my plans for the month and one that reviews what I accomplished. I am telling you I am happy with the decision and I think you will be too...because it means....I'm BACK and focused on sharing some stuff with you here.

Now where were we....oh yes...SUMMER NOTEBOOK....

Here's a good article and short checklist for summer chores: HERE

And here's one for the garden: MidSummer Chores but I'll warn you its quite a doozy...that's okay it does have a lot of good info!

And here's one called: What to Do in the Garden in June

I made up my own list for my home which includes:

1. Powerwash house
2. Wash all windows (inside and out)
3. Shampoo carpets
4. Clean light fixtures throughout the house
5. Clean ceiling fans
6. Clean all vents (don't forget air conditioner air out vents)
7. Seasonal linen closet cleaning...discard worn fall linens and attach list to door for replacement)
8. Clean out seasonal items from garage...summer declutter
9. Change candles to summer scents
10. Deoderize laundry hampers and baskets
11. Clean and deoderize litter boxes
12. Clean and declutter gardening/potting shelves

Many of these are taken from my Magic Maintence list...because remember we need to distribute them throughout the year so they get done. This is one way I do it...add them to my seasonal chores lists.

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