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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Room Personalities: The Living Room

Home Journal Entry 1

The personality of my living room is lively and maybe even a bit hyper. This is our main gathering place along with the kitchen. Here is where my family visits, watches TV, and plays games. I would like for it to be a bright airy space with lots of comfy seating. I would like it to be clear of clutter and the storage in this room to be easy to access and organized. I would like to keep the main focal parts (shelves above sofa and loveseat, dry sink, and dresser top) seasonal with a frequently rotating display of things that I love! I would like the furniture to be more functional and "open up" the room as currently it has a recliner that is sort of angled into the room.
This summer I need to play around with a different arrangement but that requires moving an antique cabinet full of stuff right now.Almost one whole wall of this room is a BIG window. Right now there are mini blinds on it. They are dusty and I am dreaming of taking them down and putting up some curtains on perhaps a wrought iron curtain rod. The kind that has the little straps that slide over the rod. I hate dust and minimizing it is important to me. Also the blinds are sort of "dated".
There is a long shelf above the window that we put up several years ago. It has never been as I envisioned because it is too high and there is a wallpaper border behind it that distracts from anything placed on it. I would like to take it down!The entertainment center has great storage but there are usually DVDs scattered. I need to examine how these can be handled better. The wooden antique furniture I have in this room is perfect. It supplies storage, is beautiful, and fits in the space I have. If I can figure out a way to move that recliner I would like to keep an eye out for a smallish, wooden, coffee table for in front of the sofa...definitely a flea market treasure hunt.

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