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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Salutations

Good Grief...I just got back from Walmart and I spent $180.00 and the thing is there was hardly ANYTHING in the cart. So I am certainly going to be continuing the Grocery Budget Challenge work...got a little off track with vacation. Here are some important points though:
  • Get your monthly estimates ready for items you use frequently. I can pretty much figure that we are going to eat some kind of pasta once a week and tacos at least twice a month...as well as some other family faves.
  • I can honestly say that the groceries I got at the budget store (used Aldis last time) were heaping for the amount of money $101 and I still have quite a few items to use. This time (next week) we are going to try Save a Lot and see how that store stacks up. It has not been a month but last time I only spent about half of the monthly amount so I did not anticipate it lasting a month. My goal this time is to actually STRETCH the budget and monthly trip from July 8th until August 23rd...because of our monthly pay system. I actually think I can do it because I still have items left....now just to fine tune the menus.
  • Someone over at MHH pointed out that they do not stock up any longer because they ended up with expired products etc. I suppose that is something to watch for but I also think the monthly trip decreases impulse spending and saves gas money also from frequent trips.
  • Another consideration...is to find good products and stick to the plan. BUT if an item is not up to quality...I'll note it in my small grocery notebook that I am developing. It will include items from the monthly list and how much of each one we typically consume in a month.
  • Also I must check out the local farmer's market and see how they are with vegetables and such.

Food prices are hitting the news headlines also. So I know we are not alone in our struggles to feed families and still have a bit of cash left over.

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