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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Morning Mentions

Okay girls...and guys if there's any out there reading my blog. It is Monday of a brand NEW week and we are going to be getting a lot accomplished this week...are you with me?
  • First for me this is going to be LAUNDRY DAY...here's the plan. Go to the library and movie store....gotta order my book A Christmas Guest, which is what our book group will be reading over at Magical Holiday Home in July. Then I need to pick up Scrogged at the movie place...since that is our movie for this week...and then laundry, laundry, laundry...until about 4:00 when I have to get ready for the Muny. We will be seeing High School Musical.....ummm...not my pick but my daughter wanted to see it!!
  • Tuesday the focus will be on the Kitchen....its time to rearrange the dish cabinet and the pantry. My dishes are a mess and I need to get them in some working order. I am working toward collecting a large assortment of WHITE plates so that at parties I can use white and not worry too much...about "matching". I also have an assortment of solid colored dishes too...but right now everything is jumbled and needs organization and decluttering too!! The pantry will be sorted and I will make my monthly list for next week's shopping as I do so.
  • Wednesday the focus will be on the OFFICE and craft kits. I have so many things that I am in the process of making that I really need to get some order here or nothing is going to come together as planned!
  • Thursday will be a GENERAL cleaning day. A quick tour of the house to put things in place and dust etc!! Don't forget it's 30 minute Thursday...I'll put up our little 30 minute challenge for the week on Tuesday!!!
  • Friday: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Barbeque and Fireworks at my in-laws house!! BUT it is 15 minute Friday...so I'll just get my 15 in early...not sure yet of the "mini project"...more about that later or perhaps someone at MHH will have a brillant idea!!

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Carrie said...

Your week sounds busy like mine. :-)

Happy Monday!!