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Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning Mentions

It's MOVE IT OUT MONDAY....do you have your trash bag ready?

Other items around the house on the agenda for today:
  • Paperwork and billing so I can close out my private practice and actually get paid for June.
  • Budget and pay bills...this is a must today!
  • Focus: Living room and Kitchen (not too much to do but I want to get beyond the daily stuff and get in a few bigger items)
  • Yard: plant one bed of flowers...that's actually next as soon as I finish this post!
  • Make out some invitations for the summer bash...just reminder cards...people already know the date.
  • Christmas in July stuff

Well if I breeze through all of this I will be feeling pretty smug later today...I am limiting computer time until I GET it done...or at least a large chunk of it....so hopefully it won't be DAYS before you see me...LOL...back later (I hope).

Let me know how your projects are coming along and how you are motivating yourself!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I am limiting my computer time today as well. When I am done blogging I have decided no computer until this afternoon. I did find my kitchen counter tops early this morning-- and the bottom of my sink.

The other thing is the dog my have to live in the garage for the morning so I don't get distracted by her antics.