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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Morning Thoughts

You know that saying best laid plans go astray....well mine are wandering off....LOL...I have to go in to work today to help interview as one of the assistant principals resigned yesterday and we are interviewing six people today....so my whole day is GONE....BooHoo.
  • I made very little progress on the office yesterday but I did manage to get a start on the scrap studio.
  • 30 minute Thursday: I will work on this after work this evening!!! don't forget...DVDs, VHS tapes, or CDS...lets cut the clutter if possible!
  • I am having a blast with Christmas in July...working on recipes is FUN and I have found several good gones to try in the next couple fo weeks.
  • Don't let LIFE throw you for a loop...set some small goals and work toward them everyday...slow and steady and we will make progress.
  • My summer notebook is increasing because I decided to add some pages from Summer magazines that I tore out to keep. Then I can actually declutter the mags without worrying about missing something I wanted to keep.

Well...hopefully I can check back in this evening...but it is Margarita Thursday...which during the summer is the day we gather at the local Mexican place for Happy Hour and a good visit with friends. Last time we had quite a turnout about 9 people and the phone has been ringing to see if we are on for this week...missed last week since I was on vacation. DUH...it's Thursday so that means it's Margarita Thursday!!! More later have a great and productive day!!!

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