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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Morning Somethings

Had a great Fourth and now back to the drawing board. Here are some things to consider on this Saturday Morning...
  • How's your Month by Month notebook coming along???....mine was getting a bit lonely because with Christmas in July I have been playing around with my Christmas Notebook quite a bit...so today I have made a promise to give my household notebook a bit of loving attention. I must tell you though...I have a love hate relationship with page protectors and I might just have to do away with all of them in the Month by Month notebook...might just punch holes in the divider pages and go from there....LOL
  • I am making some progress on the whole Grocery Budget challenge/plan and I am anxious to share that with you but today I MUST DO some household stuff...I got a bit behind with getting called into work Thursday and then Friday being a holiday...my goal is to get something up late tonight about it and I do mean LATE...so don't give up on me...I think you will find some of the stuff interesting.
  • The next project we are going to have to examine here at Month by Month is the Budget/Bill Paying notebook....I am forever challenged with that one...but for now we just have too much on our plates so that will have to hold for a lter date!!
  • Do you ever get the feeling that you will never get caught up? That's the mode I'm in now...so I have to say BYE for now and actually get something done or I will scream!!!

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